With the significant growth in pipelines and CNG, Allport has introduced a number of new technologies in the Indian Market. As well as rich experience in CNG stations and pipelines for natural gas, Allport has brought innovative solutions to meet the need of customers and provide innovative solutions for gas metering and detection. Allport’s product basket includes a range of metering solutions.

Elgas S.R.O is the largest manufacturer of EVCs in the world. An EVC takes incoming pulses from a meter and records the pressure and temperature to calculate the standard cubic feet of gas that has passed through the meter. With a focus on research and development, Elgas has produced a number of different types of EVCs for different applications and price ranges.

The AMR system collects data from connected correctors, digital inputs or internal states, and saves them into an internal high capacity memory. The collected data are regularly proceeded to remote superior systems
Allport also provides Gas Leak Detectors and GSM based Data Loggers.